June 2 – 3, 2022 | Live Online & Interactive

Transition on a Bumpy Ride: Will Technology or Economics Provide the Solution?

Never a dull moment…

From the time of the 1st All Things Energy Forum of July 2021, energy has offered huge excitement, keeping businesses and policy makers continuously on the alert.

As last year, uncertainty is the key characteristic, but with the focus of public attention now being on the energy crisis and geopolitical dangers, with the pandemic still a threat but somewhat retreating.

Technology can, and does, facilitate the energy transition

Economics and Green Finance present a great challenge for energy operators and especially investors:

The 2nd All Things Energy Forum will highlight all the recent concerns following the energy sector. How technology can make the big turn over and how the constant rise in prices affects the policies of energy operators and especially investors as well as how green policies around the world could find common ground in the new economic and geopolitical setup that also emphasizes energy security.


The current situation

  • Automation, smart grids and storage are becoming an important complement to renewables and demand management
  • CSP with 6-9 hours of storage can now compete with fossil fuels
  • nuclear, especially smaller-scale and/or floating, appears promising and the ‘holy grail’ of fusion has had a major breakthrough at the UK-based JET laboratory
  • hydrogen and carbon utilization and storage had huge momentum in 2021: project pipelines ballooned, new policies and funding pots were announced and COP26 spurred net-zero targets and hydrogen is being called upon to gradually take up the role of hydrocarbons

Economics and Green Finance present a great challenge for energy operators and especially investors:

  • The prices of energy products eg coal, oil, gas, uranium, CO2 emissions and, indirectly, freight rates have been rapidly increasing, some to record levels
  • As a result, energy-intensive manufacturing and the transport industry are facing tremendous energy price increases – or even shortages
  • Geopolitics, whether in the form of crises are in fact exacerbating the energy crisis. In fact, due to current global demand and recent geopolitical tension [Russia/Ukraine], it is likely for energy prices to increase and stay volatile for the foreseeable future


Key Issues

Will energy demand continue its recent growth? How can a system designed for ‘normal times’ cope with today’s simultaneous crises? Is an electrical system aiming at ‘RES-only’ sufficiency feasible without adequate storage, the current delays in the supply chain and the weaning off Russian energy? For how long will natural gas continue to be necessary as a transition fuel? Where will the trillions needed for a Green-Deal overhaul of energy production, storage, transmission and distribution/connectivity come from – and which other uses of funds will they compete against? Are funds branded as green or ethical always legitimate?

In such a setup, the effects of Climate-change policies on businesses are very different between:

environmentally-pioneering countries, notably the EU and EFTA countries such as Norway, where the Green Deal legislature is, on the one hand, advancing eg with the ETS being extended to shipping and construction, but on the other governments find themselves obliged to impose mitigating measures eg decarbonization deadline delays, energy rebates to businesses [and households] or acceptance of gas and nuclear as ‘financeable’ technologies in the EU Taxonomy, albeit with restrictions; it will come as no surprise if tools such as company-to-company power purchase agreements [PPAs] would face difficulties eg in covering durations as long as 10 years


lagging countries such as China, Russia, India, Japan and Turkey which apply Climate-change policies more laxly and with longer deadlines; the result ia is unfair competition with the ‘pioneers’, hence EU businesses such as cement, steel and aluminum are keenly following developments in the CBAM legislature.

Meet the


Dr Nikolaos Arvanitidis

Economic Geologist at Geological Survey of Sweden

Dr Florian Anderhuber

Director, Euromines, The European Mining Association, Brussels

Adrian Borotea

Vice President, Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA), Romania

Prof. Pantelis Capros

National Technical Univ. of Athens, Head of E3MLab

Dr Valentina Dedi

Lead Economist at KBR | Deputy Director of Access for Women in Energy, UAE

Dr Aleksandar Dedinec

Energy & Sustainable Development, Academy of Sciences & Arts, North Macedonia

Dr Christos Dimas

Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, GR

Dr Johannes Drielsma

Drielsma Resources Europe, Germany

Dr Murat Durak

Chairman of Turkish Offshore Wind Energy Association, Turkey

Charles Ellinas

nonresident senior fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center. Former CEO for the Cypriot National Hydrocarbon Company (KRETYK), Cyprus

Antonino Fischetti


Martin Georgiev

Chief Executive Officer, National Electricity Company EAD, Bulgaria

Angelos Gkanoutas-Leventis

President – Greek Energy Forum / Business Development Lead, Energy Storage & Zero Carbon Energies – bp UK

Dr Lorenc Gordani

Lawyer of Energy, Tirana Business University, Albania

Gunnar Holen

CEO, Nordic Blue Crude, Norway

Panagiotis Mavroeidis – Kamperis

Management Committee Greek Energy Forum (QatarGas)

Leonidas Kanonis

Director for Communications & Analysis, EWABA, Brussels

Marios Katsiotis

Head of Group Research, Innovation & Quality department at TITAN Cement, GR

James Kennedy

Representative of The Thorium Energy Alliance, Harvard, IL, USA

George Kremlis

Special Advisor to the Prime Minister of Greece on Energy, Climate, Environment & Circular Economy, GR

Demetrios Konstantinides

Director, Venus Minerals Ltd, Cyprus

Bruno Lafont

Director of Operations at H2Air GT (Renewables), France

Giannis Lazarou

Country Manager Greece, Kenlov Renewable Energy, Israel

Dr Jenny Leivadarou

Energy Transition and Innovation Executive, Independent Non-Executive Member of BoD, Ellaktor SA, GR

Maja Maćić

Country Manager, RP Global, Serbia

Prof. Yannis Maniatis

Former Minister of Environment, Energy and Climatic Change, GR

Trish McGill

Sr. Expert Cyber Security IT/OT, Netherlands

Ben McWilliams

Research Analyst at Bruegel, UK

John Messaritis

Founder of Messaritis Ren, GR

Mark Mistry

Sr Manager Life Cycle and Sustainability, The Nickel Institute, Brussels

Christos Nakos

Head of Renewable Energy Asset Aggregation & Management|Electric Power & NG Business Unit, PROTERGIA, GR

Vasili Nicoletopoulos

Owner, Natural Resources PC, GR

Vasilis Nikitas

Economic Analyst, Recovery and Resilience Fund Energy Issues, European Commission, Athens

Dr Vassilis Nikolopoulos

Head of Applied Research and Development / Innovation, Energy and Natural Gas BU, MYTILINEOS SA

Alexandra Novikova

IPCC AR6 Lead Author, Team Lead, Institute for Climate Protection, Energy and Mobility (IKEM), DE

Dr Dionyssios Papachristou

Director of the Press and Public Relations Office at Regulatory Authority of Energy

Panagiotis Papastamatiou

Director, ENTEKA Renewables, GR

Dr. Eng. Antonis Peppas

Dr. Eng. Senior Researcher, National Technical University of Athens, GR

Prof. Yiannis Pontikes

KU Leuven, Antwerp Metropolitan Area, Belgium

Katerina Poseidon

Senior Strategy & Policy Advisor, Europe and Africa, Voltalia SA

Mark Rachovides

President, Euromines, The European Mining Association, Brussels

Brian Ricketts

Secretary General, EuraCoal, Brussels

Kate Scarcella

Chief Cybersecurity Architect, Micro Focus, USA

Entela Shehaj

Partner, SEA Consulting, Albania

Dr Markela Stamati

Member States Coordination and Outreach Team Leader, Directorate General for Energy, European Commission, Brussels

Nikos Stamou

Director, Investment Promotion, Energy, Environment & Services, Enterprise Greece, Gr

Christos Syngelakis

Group Motor Oil CISO & DPO, GR

Thanasis Tsantilas

Chairman of BoD and Managing Director, Rokas Renewables – Iberdrola, GR

Dr Costis Toregas

Director, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute, The George Washington University, USA

Efrosini Varvitsioti

Head of Directorate of Policies & Development, DG Mineral Raw Materials, Ministry of Environment & Energy, GR

Konstantinos Yazitzoglou

Managing Director, Geohellas and VP, Mining Association, GR

Meet the


Christos Folias

Former Minister of Development and Member of European Parliament, GR

Konstantinos Gkarakis

Energy Engineer, RES projects consultant, Visitor Prof. of Mechanical Engineering Dept., University of West Attica, GR

Panagiotis Marketos

Business Editor, GR

Constantinos Papaloucas

Coordinator of the National Hydrogen Committee

Anastasios Papazachariou

Greek Energy Forum, UK

Costis Stambolis

Chairman and Executive Director, IENE, GR

Pantelis Vetoulas

Member of the BoD, Greek Mining Enterprises Assoc, Marketing & Sales Manager, Grecian Magnesite

Who is the Forum for

All Things Energy Forum is addressed to companies in energy producing* and consuming** industries, their government regulators and all associated businesses such as transport/transmission, distribution, marketing, logistics, terminals, ports, physical trading/importing, energy exchanges & derivatives, raw materials and equipment suppliers, banks incl investment banking and “green banking”, insurance and reinsurance, funds & asset managers, investors; ESCOs, smart cities, smart electric grids, smart infrastructure, energy storage: batteries for electric energy and non-battery storage; construction, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), installations management re energy, certifying bodies, cyber security agencies, R&D centers and software apps/AI/IC tech/collaborative intelligence platforms. Also professionals e.g. architects, lawyers, accountants, auditors, consultants/ strategists/ analysts and, of course, NGOs and everybody dealing with CSR.

* Coal, oil, gas, hydro (incl river & tidal), wind, photovoltaic, concentrated solar, biomass, biofuel, biogas, geothermal, nuclear, hydrogen, fuel cells, power-to-gas, waste-to-energy, carbon capture & storage (or utilization).

** End uses: industrial/manufacturing, transportation by land, water, air incl electric transport, agriculture, forests, meat growing, buildings incl residential – insulation, smart, nZEBs; facility management; data centers; also electricity consumers via Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).


Why Should You Attend

The All Things Energy Forum for the second consecutive year will discuss all the key issues concerning the key energy sector while also offering knowledge and food for…thought.

Participants from many countries will hear -and interact with- the speakers: government officials, business leaders and scientific experts in the fields of Technology, Economics and Green Finance as well as Geopolitics, via our systems approach that will show the links between them.

By participating you will also have the opportunity to delve into more specialized topics through panel discussions, one-on-one meetings, off-site events, networking and information sharing.

Associate Partner

DEPA Commercial is a modern and competitive company, with a substantial contribution to the growth of the Greek economy.

Via targeted investments, and the use of smart technologies, the company strives to meet the diverse needs of its customers by providing budget- and environmentally friendly natural gas for households, industrial consumers, generators as well as fuel for gas-powered vehicles through Fisikon, while as the coordinator of the European co-financed projects Poseidon Med II and BLUE HUBS, introduces the maritime transport of the Eastern Mediterranean into the LNG era.

Τhe company participates in the new Alexandroupolis LNG Terminal.

DEPA Commercial is entering the new era of “clean” energy, by investing in RES and other alternative fuel with a neutral environmental footprint, such as hydrogen and biomethane.

Supporting Partner

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Synergia’s operations are spread throughout the entire life-cycle of renewable energy systems, from conception, licensing, design, construction and project management all the way to operation and maintenance (O&M) and asset management.

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