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PPC Renewables S.A.

PPC Renewables S.A. is the successor of the Department of Alternative Energy Sources of Public Power Corporation S.A. This department has been the pioneer of wind, solar and geothermal energy, not only in Greece but also in Europe (since 80’s). 

Today, having constructed and operating 29 wind parks, 18 small hydroelectric power plants, 28 photovoltaic stations and a hybrid power plant, of a total installed capacity of over 200 MW and implementing a challenging business plan, PPCR. holds a significant share of Greek RES sector and is one of the leaders of the energy transformation of Greece. Investing in the power of nature and in cooperation with the largest energy groups and manufacturers and exploiting business opportunities, PPCR promotes RES projects. The company operates and develops RES projects of all the kinds (wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and biomass) and implements strategic planning, in order to aim in the near future the goal of 1500 MW, repowering existing wind parks and small hydro power plants and developing new projects that include geothermal plants, biomass stations and mainly wind parks and PV stations. 

The overall financial achievement of PPCR brings it among the most profitable companies of the sector. The company intends to invest in this quality feature to grow in the next years. The company’s financial profile makes it particularly attractive for financing of its projects and PPCR has already been negotiating with Development and Commercial Banks to raise significant amounts of capital. Furthermore, the extroverted nature of PPCR is confirmed by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation (MoU) with great energy companies, such as RWE, EDPR and Masdar Taaleri Generation, aiming to jointly building and developing projects at Greece, mainly wind parks and PV station, of a total capacity at least 700 MW. 

The company’s aim is to enrich its portfolio with new RES technologies, such as offshore wind parks, as well as its participation in energy markets, as defined by the Target Model. The ultimate goal of the company is to lead the energy transformation and become a leader of the energy market with the implementation of its business plan and quadrupling its installed capacity by 2024.

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