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Leveraging the world’s top experts, to maximize the potential of energy discussions

All Things Energy Forum will be live online in June 2-4 2021 on stage with panels, online events,
one-to-one power talks and webinars.

Using a novel combinatorial approach, the agenda focuses on the links, synapses, between 1. Epidemics,
2. Economics, 3. Energy trade, 4. Broader international politics and 5. Energy/Environment policies.

The Forum will host more than 140 speakers and 1000 participants of a high executive level, coming from
energy producing or consuming companies, associated services and government agencies
such as health and safety, sales, operations, finance, cashflow, risk management, communications, CSR,
planning, strategy, energy transition, entrepreneurship, leadership, footprint, technologies, policies,
investments, markets, technology,  asset management.

Why Partner

Sponsors will utilize the potential promotion that All things Energy Forum offers and participate in a worldwide Energy platform that brings together speakers, participants, businesses, offer and demand all in three days.

Sponsoring All things Energy Forum you will have the opportunity to:

 Strengthen Brand Awareness: Share business ideas, direct access to your target market, enhance brand visibility. Relate your company with the content and the audience of the conference, Increase the trust and loyalty of your customers

Networking: Have a direct contact with the decision makers of your services. Connect with executives and professionals related to your subject. Understand the needs of the market.

Participate in Thought leadership: Target a mass number of speakers + sponsors + partners + participants + affiliates

Gain from Lead Generation: Get advantage of a digital and interactive space with lead generation
Take advantage of Online reach: Share Ideas, create Impact, partner or build brand awareness, meet with your clients
Have Direct access to your target market: Promote your specialization in an ideal environment, meet with your clients, evaluate the market opinion for your services or product.
Be part of the Community: Become a member of the business community related to your company, creating opportunities for the community to engage with your brand strengthening your relationships with your existing clientele

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Becoming a partner in the world’s largest forum:

•  will benefit your business to increase your visibility & credibility

•  raise its brand awareness and recognition

•  interact with brands, access data, analytics, connect with governments & experts

•  share your opinions to the international energy community

In each sponsor category we offer, there are various advantages to become a sponsor with us such as:


Presentations & Talks

  • Design and plan with us your own presentation
  • Plan a speech that will become a virtual breakfast, a power talk, a themed session
  • Influence your target audience by presenting content and managing to generate leads, enter partnership agreements, get informed about competition
  • Present your own ideas and maximize your impact visibility to reach your target market

Virtual Booth Advertising

  • Generate more leads and sales through a virtual booth video, be asked questions
  • Access to a global reach through our community for more than 30 countries
  • Increase your brand recall by providing experiences that your individuals can remember vividly
  • Feature your virtual booth on our website
  • Display your own video
  • Use video and social media uploads
  • One invitation for your company’s representative
  • Reach participants by one to one meeting requests

Panel Discussions

Focusing on topics you want to expand on
  • Participate in a panel discussion which could benefit your business or connect you with future clients
  • Easy access to online interactive methods
  • Connect with your target market in participating countries
  • Align with the future of energy from the biggest companies in the industry
  • One plenary 5-20 minutes in a parallel session or panel discussion
  • Choose your own discussion to address to participants with our assistance

Virtual Networking

  • Become a member of the business community of interest
  • Creating opportunities for the community to engage with your brand, while gaining exposure
  • Have direct contact with the decision-makers of your services
  • Reach out to the top companies in the industry
  • Connect to executives and professionals to assist you to understand the market
  • Evaluate the market opinion for your services or product
  • Give you the chance to extend your network with the audience

Partner Logos Placement

Depending on Sponsorship Level options
  • Your logo featured and clickable on our website to direct to your own home page
  • Logos to appear on all conference promotional materials
  • Logos to be advertised 2-3 times on our social media platforms
  • Featured in the communication campaigns of the forum (prints & online ads, newsletter, and email marketing)
  • Logo display during the forum
  • Partner logos will appear in the post event report that will be distributed to a selected database of national and international media & executives

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