June 02-04, 2021

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Energy in Today’s Turbulent World

The world is facing an unprecedented situation, unlike anything after WWII. The key characteristics are Uncertainty and the convergence of six mega phenomena:

  1. A Sustained Pandemic: Covid does not seem to abate, 3rd wave, British variant, problematic availability of vaccines
  2. Economics: Huge stimulus sums are being spent but still a bleak forecast for a recovery, outside China
  3. Energy trade: an oil price plunge, to even negative territories, is now followed by uncertainty in demand and volatility in oil/gas prices
  4. International politics: US/China trade war, Russian political frictions with EU, seeking a balance between energy security, economic and environmental goals in times of energy transition
  5. Energy/Environment policies: EU–Green Deal proceeding at full speed, but at the same time China/Asia are ordering new coal plants
  6. Disruptive technologies and emerging challenges: cybersecurity issues arise from increasing digitalization (hacking, terrorism & insurance coverage)

As a result,  some energy subsectors are favored by low-emissions policies: Renewable Energy Sources, Hydrogen of the ‘green’ variety. Nuclear should be favored, due to no carbon emissions, but safety and cost problems exist. Other energy subsectors are challenged: coal, tar sands, oil especially upstream, shale oil. Natural gas is a borderline energy subsector — a transition fuel.

When the Covid-19 factor is superposed, even the subsectors that are  theoretically favored are faced with problems of low demand and supply chain, as well as administrative delays and obstacles to Foreign Direct Investments from specific countries.

Indirectly but increasingly strongly, the energy sector is also affected by the changing attitudes of banks and other financial institutions, insurance companies, hedge funds, NGOs etc that are becoming more active in the direction of decarbonization.

In this framework, the decisions of energy producing or consuming companies, are hugely affected. Such decisions Include health and safety, sales, operations, finance/cashflow, risk management/communications, CSR, planning/strategy/energy transition.

All Things Energy Forum at a glance

Need more information about the Forum?

The Forum

All Things Energy Forum is an international digital conference, that will engage all the stakeholders in the contemporary energy field in an interactive dialogue. This high -level event will deal with all six mega phenomena in a novel manner, combining different approaches and contemplating interrelated impacts.

The event will span over two and a half days.  The first day (02/06/2021) will host government and industry executives, as well as high-level representatives of international Institutions in two introductory panel discussions:

  • The impact of Covid-19 and the ensuing recession on All Things Energy
  • Is the EU Green Deal a solution to both climate change caused by energy production & consumption and economic recession?


In the next two days  (3-4/06/2021) the conference will host more than 140 speakers in plenary as well asspecialized parallel sessions that will cover all the aspects and challenges of the energy ecosystem. The agenda will not follow the classic lines of supply, demand, policy, technology, finance etc. Instead, a novel combinatorial approach will be used focusing on the links between 1.Epidemics, 2.Economics, 3.Energy trade, 4 International politics 5.Energy/Environment policies and 6. Disruptive Technologies.

Key issues that will be discussed include:

  • New Visions of Energy: Succeeding in a disruptive context
  • New regional perspectives: The role of gas in the transition to a lower carbon economy
  • What major technology breakthroughs are revolutionizing the energy sector
  • Dynamic resilience: Preparing for extreme weather, water stress and cyber risk
  • The business outlook for oil.
  • The outlook for hydrocarbon economies
  • Megaprojects: Global impact and implications
  • Rethinking hydro: Powering tomorrow’s world
  • Driving innovation: The role of governments in the future of energy


Connecting energy suppliers and energy consumers

The Forum creates unique pool where energy consumers and suppliers are connected, regulators, government representatives, customers, institutions collaborate discussing solutions.

Discussing the details of the energy transition

The energy transition is a pathway toward transformation of global energy production and consumption from fossil-based to zero-carbon. At its heart is the need to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions to limit climate change. Renewable energy, green hydrogen and energy efficiency measures can potentially achieve 90% of the required carbon reductions. Nuclear?
Decarbonize energy production from coal/oil/gas to RES and green hydrogen. Nuclear?
Gas, blue hydrogen as transition fuels.
Decarbonize energy consumption in industrial, buildings, transport, agricultural/feedstuff and other uses.
Public attitudes and perceptions. Public policies.

New technologies

Disruptive technologies and emerging challenges: eg cybersecurity issues arise from increasing digitalization [hacking, terrorism and insurance coverage]
So theoretically, some energy subsectors are favored by low-emissions policies: RES; Hydrogen esp. of the ‘green’ variety. Nuclear should be favored [no carbon emissions] but safety and cost problems, maybe small reactors. Energy subsectors that are challenged: coal; tar sands; oil esp. upstream, shale oil. Natural gas, whether conventional or from shale, is a borderline energy subsector – a transition fuel.

The Event in Numbers


days of Content






Future Energy Leaders




Μedia representatives





Meet the


Aristotelis Chantavas

Head of Europe region in Enel Green Power (EGP), President of Solar Power Europe

Andreas Gandolfo

Senior Associate, European Power Transition, BloombergNEF, UK

Prof Gilbert Metcalf

Tufts Univ, USA, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment & Energy, USA

Natasa Pilides

Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, Cyprus

Stefan Savonen

Senior Vice President Energy & Climate, LKAB, Sweden

Hariram Subramanian

CTO Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution, Europe

Expected Audience


The Forum is addressed to senior executives from companies in energy producing and consuming industries, their government regulators and all associated businesses such as: transport/transmission, distribution, marketing, logistics, terminals, ports, physical trading/importing, energy exchanges & derivatives, raw materials and equipment suppliers, banks (including investment banking and ‘green banking’), insurance and reinsurance, funds & asset managers, investors; ESCOs, smart cities, smart electric grids, smart infrastructure, energy storage: batteries for electric energy and non-battery storage; construction, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction), installations management re energy, certifying bodies, cybersecurity agencies, R&D centers and software apps/AI/IC tech/collaborative intelligence platforms

It is also addressed to  professionals eg architects, lawyers, accountants, auditors, consultants/ strategists/ analysts and, of course, NGOs and everybody dealing with CSR.

Why should you attend

This live interactive Forum will bring unique insights and vision to the complicated world of “The Energy Revolution”.

Participants from many countries will interact with more than 140 renowned speakers, government officials, business leaders and scientific experts in the fields of the six mega phenomena, via our systems approach that will show the links between them.

Participants can also delve into more specialized issues in panel discussions, one-to-one meetings, offsite events, networking and information exchange.

Becoming a partner in the world’s largest forum:

•  will benefit your business to increase your visibility & credibility
•  raise its brand awareness and recognition
•  interact with brands, access data, analytics, connect with governments & experts
•  share your opinions to the international energy community

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