02-04 June 2021

Τhe agenda time is in Coordinated Universal Time +3

Day 2

3rd of June 2021

9.00-9.15 (UTC+3) Pre-Event Virtual Networking & Live Expo
Welcome Note
Vasili Nicoletopoulos, Founder, Natural Resources PC
 Greetings Antonios Antoniou, Chairman, Cyprus Employers & Industrialists Federation

Plenary Session

9.30-11.15 (UTC+3)

The New Framework for Energy Players: Succeeding in a Context of Disruption

 Moderator   Dimitris Konstantellos, Policy & Public Affairs Advisor
“The Effects of Preventive Policies on Public Health, Society and the Economy’’
Yannis Tountas, Professor of Social and Preventive Medicine, Univ of Athens, GR
“Energy and GHG Emissions Aspects of the COVID Impact in Greece’’
Dimitris Lalas, Senior Advisor, Facets SA
‘’Green Deal’’
Prof Phoebe Koundouri, Athens Univ. of Economics & Business, President Elect EAERE, co-Chair UN SDSN Europe & Greece
“Building Greece’s Energy Hub”
Athanassios Savvakis, Chairman of the Hellenic Energy Exchange, President of the Federation of Industries of Greece
“Global Renewable Energy Development and Status”
Prof. Arthouros Zervos, President of REN21, past President of PPC, France
‘’How Leaders Cause Innovation to Thrive When the Status Quo Breaks’’
Cheryl Edison, Chief Executive Officer, Edison International, USA

Parallel Session 1

09.45-11.00 (UTC+3)

Jobs in New Green Posts

 Moderator Panagiotis Marketos, Business Editor
“How can ESG Service Providers Attract, and Motivate Talents?”
Antoine Rial-Petat, Executive Director, Talent and Organisation at V.E Vigeo Eiris, an Affiliate of Moody’s
“The German Textile & Fashion Industry and Climate Policies’’
Ralph Kamphöner, Head of Brussels Office & Foreign Trade Dept, Confederation of the German Textile & Fashion Industry, Germany
“Wind Jobs in Greece”
Panagiotis Papastamatiou, Director of ENTEKA Group, Chief Executive Officer, Hellenic Wind Energy Association, ELETAEN
“Irish Solar: From Promise to Delivery”
Conall Bolger, CEO, Irish Solar Energy Association, Ireland

Parallel Session 2

09.45-11.00 (UTC+3)

Hydrogen: How green? How soon? For which applications?

 Moderator Catherine Feore, Journalist at EU Reporter
“Overview of Hydrogen Strategies and Recovery and Resilience Plans across the EU”
Grzegorz Pawelec, Research, Innovation and Funding Manager, Hydrogen Europe, Belgium
“Decarbonising Building Sector with Hydrogen Cogeneration”
Hans Korteweg, Managing Director, COGEN Europe
“Hydrogen2Energy Strategies on Stationary and Mobile Applications”
Dr. Sofoklis Makridis, Director in Hydrogen Systems Manufacturing Lab, Assoc. Prof.
“CHP Stationary Fuel Cells & Hydrogen Generation”
Melissa Verykios, Deputy CEO Helbio S.A. GR
11.00-11.30 (UTC+3) Virtual Networking Break & Live Expo

Plenary Session

11.30-13.00 (UTC+3)

Energy Transition: Winners and Laggards in the Energy Value Chain

 Moderator Vasili Nicoletopoulos, Founder, Natural Resources PC
“Energy, Sustainable Mining and the Current State of the Post-Covid Economy”
Mark Rachovides, President, Euromines, Brussels
“Today’s Role and Future Prospects of the Magnesia Industry’’
Bert Jan Bruning, Managing Director, Nedmag, The Netherlands
“The Bulgarian Mining Industry in a Period of Covid-Driven Economy and Green Deal Policies”
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Ivan Mitev, Executive Director, Bulgarian Chamber of Mining and Geology, Bulgaria
“The Impact from the European Green Deal on Energy-Intensive Sectors in the Context of a Demand-Destructing Covid-19 Crisis”
Iva Ganev, Expert in Climate Policy & Strategy, Belgium
“Energy Transition in Turkey: A Case Study”
Gulmira Rzayeva, Senior Visiting Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES), UK

Parallel Session 1

11.30-12.45 (UTC+3)

Social License to Operate vs ‘Not in my Back Yard’ (NIMBY)

 Moderator Panagiotis Ladakakos, Chairman of ELETAEN/ HWEA, GR
“Decision Making Towards a Zero-Carbon Society and Economy”
Dr. Dionysios Papachristou, Electrical Engineer, Scientific Expert, Director of Press & Public Relations Office, Regulatory Authority for Energy
‘’The role of DAPEEP in the Energy Transition of Greece’’
Yiannis Yiarentis, Chairman of BoD and CEO, DAPEEP, GR
“Renewable Diplomacy vs. Energy Transition. The Case of Kosovo’’
Pranvera Dobruna Kryeziu, CEO, Energy Legacy L.L.C., Kosovo
‘‘Wind Energy and local societies: A win-win opportunity’’
Panagiotis Ladakakos, Chairman of ELETAEN/ HWEA, GR
13.00-13.30 (UTC+3) Virtual Networking Break & Live Expo

Plenary Session

13.30-14.30 (UTC+3)

Is the Elephant in the Room a Panda? Materials for the Energy Transition

 Moderator  Panagiotis Marketos, Business Editor
“Energy Τransition and Κey Μaterials: towards a new Geopolitics of Energy?”
Francis Perrin, Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South (PCNS, Rabat), Morocco
‘‘Tackling the challenges of green transition with sustainable mineral resources’’
Dr Nikolaos Arvanitidis, Economic Geologist, Coordinator of EU mineral resources issues, Geological Survey of Sweden
“Norra Kärr – A Rare Opportunity for Europe”
Filip Manneberg Kozlowski, Leading Edge Materials Corp, Sweden

Parallel Session 1

13.30-15.15 (UTC+3)

Electrical Energy System Integration

 Moderator Catherine Feore, Journalist at EU Reporter
‘‘Towards carbon neutral energy systems’’
Andreas Poullikkas, Chairman at Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority, Cyprus
“Planning Requirements: Key Instruments for Enabling Energy System Integration”
Dr Catherine Banet, Vice Dean Internal Relations, Scandinavian Inst. of Maritime Law, Energy & Resources Law Dept, Univ. of Oslo, Norway
“Investing in Infrastructure in 2021: How to Create Value”
Guy Auger, Partner at Andera Partners, Private equity, Paris, France
“Smart Cities, Transportation, Energy Transition, Climate Policies post-Covid’’
Maria Yeroyanni, Senior Expert ‘Innovating Cities’, DG for Research & Innovation, European Commission, Belgium
“System Efficiency First: How Energy End-Users Can Play an Active Role in Clean Energy Transition”
Michael Villa, Executive Director smartEn, Belgium
“The New Paradigm of Consumption Following Supply in a Rich Renewable Generation and Distributed Energy Resources Future”
Prof Michael Caramanis, Boston Univ, former President of RAE and DEPA, USA

Parallel Session 2

13.30-14.30 (UTC+3)

Policy Tools: Energy Taxation, Regulation

 Moderator  Marion Malafosse, Policy Manager, smartEn
‘‘EU Green Deal and ETS, Impacts of covid-19 on ETS Free Allocation’’
Irini Nikolaou, Policy Officer, DG Clima, DG Climate Action, European Commission, Brussels
‘’Climate Change and Energy Economics’’
Prof Gilbert Metcalf, Tufts Univ, USA, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment & Energy, USA
‘’The European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism’’
Vasili Nicoletopoulos, Founder, Natural Resources PC
14.30-15.20 (UTC+3) Virtual Networking Break & Live Expo

Plenary Session

15.20-16.45 (UTC+3)

Green Banking and Insurance: Greenbacks only for green projects

 Moderator  Panagiotis Marketos, Business Editor
“ECB Economy-WideCclimate Stress-Test”
Spyros Alogoskoufis, Financial Stability Expert, DG Macroprudential Policy and Financial Stability, European Central Bank
‘’Green Banking: Transitioning to Sustainable Finance’’
Konstantinos Makedos, Chairman of the Board, Attica Bank
“EU Green Deal and Sustainable Finance Strategy’’
Romain Rard, Counsel, Gide Loyrette Nouel International Law, Belgium
“The Impact on the Financial Sector of Covid-19 and the Ensuing Recession’’
Philip Toth, Investment Banker and Professor of Finance and Economics NY, USA
“Maintaining Momentum for Green Finance: The EU Taxonomy’’
Johannes Drielsma, Drielsma Resources Europe, Germany

Parallel Session 1

15.20-16.30 (UTC+3)

Energy Storage: Just a Tool?

 Moderator  Alicia Carrasco, Executive Director of Spanish Decentralized Resources association Entra Agregación & Flexibilidad & CEO Energy Strategy Consulting olivoENERGY
“Energy Storage Solutions’’
Hariram Subramanian, CTO Huawei FusionSolar Smart PV Solution, Europe
“Hydroelectric Storage and Electricity Markets”
Martin Georgiev, Head of Market Bulgaria, Alpiq Energy SE, Switzerland
‘’Transition from Legacy to Modern Data Centers: The Role of Energy’’
Panos Koutsoyannis, Sr Master and Commander, Pure Storage, USA
“Resilience: The Urgency of Climate Change; Case Study: Project Energos, Net-Zero Data Centers, Nevada’’
Joe MacDonald, Founder, Design Strategist, Urban A&O Inc, New York, USΑ
16.45 – 16.55 (UTC+3) End of Forum’s day 2nd
Vasili Nicoletopoulos, Founder, Natural Resources PC

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